2022, installation
Inkjet on paper, gelatine
Dimensions variable, 22 pieces
Beletage, Zurich, CH

Nigella Lawson is a multi-award-winning British television chef who made headlines for her relationship with art dealer Charles Saatchi. As a victim of his domestic violence, she seems to process this through her cooking. Thus her cooking videos take on a whole new perspective and layer. She titles her books How to be a Domestic Goddess, Treats (Nigella Bites), Forever Summer, and Feast. Using screenshots of her video and automated audio language generation, new combinations of words and images emerge, depicting Nigella's world in a poetic and sensitive way. The small plates covered in gelatine are suspended in an individual arrangement and are reminiscent of the same pieces of meat that Nigella beats in the videos.


Photos by Annik Wetter

Nigella in Paradise