2023, performance & installation
gold, copper, silver, steel, leather, cotton, linen, pigment
12 min & Dimensions variable
Rathaus für Kultur, Lichtensteig, CH


On 7 July 2023, Martina Morger walks with a train through the main street of
Lichtensteig (CH). She drags an object with bells that resemble intestines noisily on the ground behind her. The bells serve both as a sign of announcement as well as a warning. "Do ghöörsch es!" the artist speaks in local dialect as she walks and embodies the figure of Frida, who has been resurrected 92 years after her death in order to echo the words of her mother. At the crown, she finally hoists the object up and attaches it to the upper gate. The performance is an emancipatory act that deals with the theme of shared suffering and a stimulus to reflect on the writing of history historiography: Who writes history? How can history be rewritten? How is history told?

Bella Bells can be found at Hauptgasse 2 (Krone/Obertor), Lichtensteig (CH).

Participants: Än Oswald (assistance), Gaby Morger (costume), Lukas Zerbst (artist care & photography), Patrick Götzl from Scherrer Metallbau (metal construction), Marcel Hörler (curation & text)

Photos by Hanes Sturzenegger & Lukas Zerbst

Bella Bells