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martina morger is a performance artist who also works with multimedia. she reflects on femininity as a device, and claiming space as a political body. Through her work, one discovers an engagement with the limitations of individual freedom in regard to technologies. her main practice is inspired by code, bodies and care. her work is primarily concerned with womxn’s placement within society, but also queerness in regards to cybernetical hybridisation. Exploring female and queer voices – or lack thereof - domesticity, repetitive action and hidden labour she works primarily with performance art and enjoys investigating the borders to other media. her embodiment of different personas speaks to fluidity and its possible societal implications. 



martina morger

born in Vaduz (LI), 1989

2018-19 Glasgow School of Arts, Master Fine Arts Practice, Mentor: Michelle Hannah, UK

2017-18 University of Applied Arts Vienna, Transmedia Arts, Mentor: Brigitte Kowanz, AT

2015-18 Zurich University of Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Mentor: Alexander Tuchacek, CH

2007-10 University of Zurich, Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communication Science, CH

selected solo* & group shows


R.A.W. or the sirens of Titan, Kunstmuseum Appenzell, Appenzell, CH

Distant Lover, Beletage, Zurich, CH*


Lèche Vitrines, Kunstmuseum St Gallen, CH*

Bye Bye Binary, Weltspiele, Hanover, DE

Hidden Flowers, Kollektiv Streunender Hund, Appenzell, CH & Shetland, UK

Stretch, Lovaas Projects, Munich, DE

Printing Your Dreams, Warenlift, Zurich, CH*


Window Shopping, DWDS, Bregenz, AT*

Reflecting The Sharing Moment, Cafa Art, Beijing, CN

App'n'cell Now, Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte, Appenzell, CH

Bloody Morrow, Lavender Sunrise, Nextex, St Gallen, CH* 

Another Long Evening, Marktgasse 26, St Gallen, CH

I Might Be Staring At Infinity (or the backs of my own eyelids), Virtual ARTIM, Baku, AZ

Lèche Vitrines, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, FR*

March, Live Art Club, London, UK 

Artmageddon, In Relation with:, Espace Libre, Biel, CH*

It All Comes Down To, Stiege 13, Vienna, AT

Lights Out, Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, UK

Algorithmen der Liebe, PTTH://, Lucerne, CH



Längste Nacht, Walcheturm, Zurich, CH

SourSOP, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

To Smooth the Furrowed Brow, B32, Maastricht, NL

Hairy Death Spiral, Intermedia Gallery, CCA, Glasgow, UK

Hopelessly Devoted, Garment Factory, Glasgow, UK

Suomi Art Fair, Galleria Lapinlahti, Cable Factory, Helsinki, FI

58th Venice Biennale, Liechtenstein symposium: Art in Dataspace, Museo Correr, Venice, IT

ALIGHT, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK


Heimspiel, Kunstmuseum Appenzell, CH

Triennale Visarte, Kunstmuseum, Vaduz, LI

Alles hat ein Ende, Performance-Reihe St Gallen, CH

Harts Brot, Museümli, Buchs, CH*

Performance Fotografie, LISTE Art Fair Basel, CH

Aller Retour, Galleria Lapinlahti, Helsinki, FI


Komplizen, Tart Gallery, Zurich, CH

Extra, Extraterritorial Site Specific Research, Athens, GR 

Seilzug, NoNation Gallery, Chicago, US 

If Element True:, Stein Egerta, Schaan, LI*


Think Of Yourself As A Machine, Gallery Hollabolla, Eschen, LI*

Klaus trophobia, Dynamo, Zurich, CH 

Estetika Walk, Johann Jacobs Museum, Zurich, CH


curated projects


Soft Machines, Performance Evening, Kunstmuseum St Gallen, CH

Perrrformat, Performance Event Series in urban space, Zurich, CH


Bubbles (Stereoskop IX), Digital Performance Series, streamed from Wales, UK


Britney’s Breakdown, Performance Festival (Stereoskop VIII), Civic House, Glasgow, UK

Hopelessly Devoted, Group Show, Garment Factory, Glasgow, UK


Tabula Rasa (Stereoskop VII), Performance Festival, Tart Gallery, Zurich, CH

Utopia (Stereoskop VI), Performance Festival, Spieglerey, Zurich, CH & NoNation Gallery, Chicago, US

Petite Bourgeoisie (Stereoskop V), Performance Festival, Wunderkammer, Zurich, CH

Beuteschema (Stereoskop IV), Performance Festival, Pferd, Vienna, AT


Simulation (Stereoskop II), Performance Festival, Wunderkammer, Zurich, CH

Sicht (Stereoskop II), Performance Festival, Wunderkammer, Zurich, CH

Stereoskop Opening, Performance Festival, Wunderkammer, Zurich, CH

selected press / publications / podcasts / TV


Soft Machines, Jungle Books, St Gallen, CH



Lèche Vitrines, Kunstbulletin, Okt, Zurich, CH

Gründliches Lecken, Missy Magazine, Berlin, DE

Gesichter & Geschichten, Swiss National TV, Zurich, CH 

Hidden Flowers, publication by Maria Nänny, Appenzell CH & Shetland UK

homebody, Zürich moves!, Zurich, CH

The Market: What is the Value of Art, Venice Agendas, Venice, IT

The Paper, Lunchtime Gallery, Glasgow, UK

(Pro)Found Listening, JAWS Journal for Art Writing, Vol. 6, Intellect, Bristol, UK



Another Long Evening, Kunstbulletin, Sept, Zurich, CH

The Local, House Letters: Absence and Presence, Iss. 2, by Bethany Holmes, London, UK



Performance: Cleaning Her, Decorating Dissidence, London, UK

Chains, Glasgow, UK & Mainz, DE

Art in Dataspace, La Biennale Venezia, Art Museum Liechtenstein, IT/LI


Digital Natives, Zine Edition, self published


THE OPÉRA, Magazine for Classic & Contemporary Nude Photography, Volume V


Art Museum, St Gallen, CH

Kunsthäuser Worpswede, DE

Women's Archive, St Gallen, CH

Network of Artists, Lucerne, CH

Holder Private, Vaduz, LI

residencies, awards & nominations



Regattatata International, Prix de Beauté, Paris, FR

MANOR Art Award 2021, St Gallen, CH

Media Art Award Sehnerv, 2nd place, Bern, CH

Virtual Twin, Remote Residency, collab with Gemma Jones, Lunchtime Gallery, Glasgow, UK

Worpswede Künstler*innenhäuser, Residency, Germany, DE


Cité Internationale des Arts, visarte Residency, Paris, FR


The Oasis, Strands Residency, Bute, UK

Real Food, Tontine Residency, collab with Gemma Jones, Glasgow, UK


IBK Förderpreis, Nomination Painting, Internationale Bodenseekonferenz, CH/LI/DE/AT