Window Shopping.

installation / 2020

DWDS, Bregenz, AT

The view through the shop window; a slight hint of desire. What is it like to own this shimmering object? The pleasure of seeing keeps things at a distance. The pressing of your nose, hands on the glass leaving smears behind. Hurrying past, anonymous strolling, possibly getting stuck, something glittering, wandering glances and spotlights. Broken screens just looking at each other, radiation therapy, hypersensitive to discounts. A constructed need longing for surfaces, falling into virtual sleep. The city, with its many barriers, its windows and walls, speak of a time that has only just come, hiding the authenticity of things.

The performative installation by Martina Morger gives an insight into a world shaped by desire and healing through consumption. Exhibited naked, displays reflect a surrogate for our dreams, information is our currency. Seductive and alien at the same time. Rooms full of loneliness, with things suddenly left behind, a dystopia seemingly real. We see the reflection of a long-forgotten late capitalist economy of desire, deeply woven into our needs.