2021, installation
Acrylic glass, silicone, pigment
52 x 75 cm
Kunstmuseum St Gallen, CH & Beletage, Zurich, CH

Vacation brochures spread dreams of leisure and promise well-deserved relaxation, warmth on the skin and sea breeze in the hair – for all those who seem plagued by work. For many, the destinations advertised seem like surreal, unattainable dreams. The blues and yellows that shine through in the transparent brochure holder are reminiscent of sandy beaches, sun and sea, and at the same time of their fleeting nature. The term Prospects immediately recalls unequal opportunities in an alleged meritocracy. Prospects: Sugar Beach encourages reflection on the environment, mass tourism and one's own personal desires.


Photos by Fabienne Watzke

Prospects: Sugar Beach