2018 & 2021, performance & installation 
Barrier columns, LED light
60 min
Raum 103, Basel, CH & Kunstmuseum St Gallen, CH
Performance & installation, barrier columns, LED, variable

This work explores the act of curating, preserving, showing, exhibiting and observing (performance) art. Barrier columns by the respective local museum mark out a specific area and thus define the exhibition space. The boundary serves as a placeholder for performances and reserves the space for past and future works. The barrier columns placed into the exhibition space lead the flow of walking into a circular movement around the room. The artist thus discusses the process of curating, archiving and dealing, the care of (performance) art, but also the ordering structures of an institution. In addition to this installation, for 1-8 hours a day a female-identifying invigilator can be hired for a living wage to supervise the space. The performer must be dressed to be identified as an invigilator of the respective house. This can include a name tag.


Photos by Fabienne Watzke

On Curation