2021, photography
2C-Prints behind glass 
Each 21 x 15cm

As part of the Lèche Vitrines group of works, a work was created that references Pipilotti Rist's “Open My Glade (Flatten)”. A few years ago, Martina Morger found a postcard of one of Rist's video stills, published by the Paula Moderson-Becker Museum in Worpswede. Unaware of what the motif showed exactly and kept it as a bookmark, she only made the connection when planning the Manor Prize exhibition. Having had the idea for this work in mind for some time, the intentional reference and unintentional connection to Rist is now closed in a loop. The chosen motif from the perspective of the coveted objects behind the shop windows of the video work “Lèche Vitrines” is thus not only reminiscent of the same, but also indirectly of the 1994 Manor Prize winner. The work is in two parts and was “smuggled” into the exhibition “Blicke aus der Zeit” at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen.


Photos by Martina Morger

Lèche Vitrines (Unflatten)