curation performance festival / collab with stereoskop_ collective / since 2017


stereoskop_ is a one-day performance event which serves as a platform for a variety of performance art and has a main focus on visual arts. The festival has its roots in Zurich and has also been held in Vienna at the PFERD art space, in Chicago in collaboration with the No Nation Art Lab Gallery and Glasgow at Civic House. The curation and organisation is a chance to reflect on the medium performance, its implications and the nature of events. This leads to a process of learning, communicating, exchanging and eventually building a community within and beyond the art scene. Especially from a humanist point of view we see enormous potential in the medium performance and want to serve as a platform for social engagement through art. 

The central theme for each edition serves as an inspiration or a basis for discussion to invite artists to perform, instigating a curatorial process through which the event becomes an artwork in and of itself. Deconstructing performativity also serves as a reminder to see behind the articulated imagery, to look after yourself as a human being and also consider other bodies as such. Stereoskop therefore invited artists to articulate themes relating to the human body, empathy, health, pop culture and acceptance.

We welcome diversity and inclusivity and oppose any display of xenophobic, racist, or sexist behaviour of any kind. The desire to discuss is just as essential to our festival as the creation of an environment that encourages empathy, communication and creative freedom.

The stereoscopic effect describes the reproduction of two images, which together appear as three-dimensional. Stereoskop is about giving performance art the space it deserves. Let’s see in different angles and change our perspectives!


Stereoskop I (Opening)

Wunderkammer, Zurich, CH


Stereoskop II (Sicht)

Wunderkammer, Zurich, CH


Stereoskop II (Simulation)

Wunderkammer, Zurich, CH


Stereoskop IV (Beuteschema)

Pferd, Vienna, AT


Stereoskop V (Petite Bourgeoisie)

Wunderkammer, Zurich, CH



Stereoskop VI (Utopia)

Spieglerey Space, Zurich, CH & NoNation Gallery, Chicago, US


Stereoskop VII (Tabula Rasa)

Tart Gallery, Zurich, CH


Stereoskop VIII (Britney's Breakdown)

Civic House, Glasgow, UK

Throughout 2020

Stereoskop Digital