Softly Polished Machinery.

performance series / 12 min / 2019 -

HOHM studios, Glasgow, UK & Stiege 13, Vienna, AT

Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, CH & Rote Fabrik, Zürich, CH & HeK, Basel, CH 

In this performance series, I draft an image of the female identifying disciplined body, fulfilling, obeying, shifting labour regimens, resisting, observing, resting. The body as a site with its limits of exploitations. Accompanied by an audio piece with instructions, the body becomes a machine of exploration. The body as a screen; an executing body, a vessel, software, hardware. Gestures of brushing the floor, zooming in & out, tinder swiping, the focused gaze, as well as movements such as push-ups, running, techno dancing, heavy breathing, seaweed in a water bed and hiding in between visitors’ legs, creates an image of (di)stressed techno bodies and seeking healing through movement.