aquarelle & print on paper / 2017 / 70 x 100 cm

illustration of Rheinberger-Preis, Vaduz, FL

The illustration of the Josef Gabriel Rheinberger Preis is a collaboration with Georg Jäger and the municipality of Vaduz. The winning organisation Schichtwechsel stands for networking, the recognition of potential and the accessibility of art and culture for everyone. The inspiration for the aquarelle was not only the name and the nature of the organisation, but also observations on nature in the Rhine Valley. Loosely layered rock structures, tentacles that want to hold everything together like suckers, the feeling of awakening and calm at the same time. Through the transparently colour surfaces, single bright lines find themselves in neon orange. Like veins, they distribute electricity and thus energy, life, ideas. The folder is glazed in blue as a reference to the the flowing dark river.