performance / acrylics on wax / 20 min / 40 x 170 cm / 2014

Thinking about the character of the line led me to thinking about the gesture of painting. This work has a first phase with scraping movements into wax, and in a second phase paint is applied. Both movements are similar. Wax is a very organic material and its haptic reminds of the membrane between our body and the outside world. To abstract my body, the wax plate simply measures the length and width of my body. During the scratching movements the energy is not thrown back on the wax bed, but directly onto me as a performer. Hardened wax does not forgive like elastic substrates. After some time this is also why my nail beds start to loosen up.

The first phase is very direct, raw, unpleasant, manic, liberating, disturbing, for the audience as well as for me. It is underlayered with scratching sounds. The second part of the performance, dry rubbing the colour onto the wax, is a little calmer and reminds of contemplation, healing, washing, consolidation, archiving of an action, the drawing gesture. The result may be associated with crater landscapes that seem like my skin, which suffers enoug under my scratching. As if the craters have existed for a very long time already.