Prescription Only.

performance & installation / 6 days & 2 min loop / 2019 

GSA diploma show, Tontine, Glasgow, UK

Nowadays one could think that the body is more of a prothesis to technology than the other way round. The digital body is realer than ever and we might all morph very soon into a collective digital body. With setting up a QR code within the exhibition space, the audience is instructed to take their phone and scan the visual code. This leads them to a subscription service and launches a conversation with the performer, which last until the end of the exhibition. The subscriber can then decide on the level of engagement. Texts are received four times a day (morning, afternoon, evening, night - like a pill intake) and talk about the transformation of a body into a digital one through maybe pharmaceutics. The poetic and sometimes absurd fabrication of text gives the impression that they might communicate with a bot. The script was fed constantly with the conversations with the subscriber and made transparent online after the performance.