On Curation.

 performance & intallation / 60min / 2018 & 2021
Raum 103, Basel, CH & Kunstmuseum St Gallen, CH

This work explores the act of curating, preserving and observing performance art. As the performing body, I claim to supervise and hold my space within the exhibition. This performance precisely defines the designated area and simultaneously exhibits it as well. As a female performer I demand space within this context. During the opening, there is a strong emphasis on temporality. Where I overtake responsibility as an artist while maintaining the ‘emptiness’ both energetically and physically. From time to time, as a supervisor I point out that soon in this space a performance will take place and one must not touch anything. If I see people taking pictures, I point out that one must not take any pictures. Finally, the barrier colums placed right in front of the exhibition will disrupt the flow of movement up on the entering the room.