Das Geld Liegt Auf Den Strassen.

performance / 34min / 2021
curated by BaroneBreu
Mühlesteg, Zurich, CH

The performance score itself turns the visitors into performers and the public space into a (hidden) stage, taking place without the eyes of the public. Rather than suggesting a type of behaviour, this work opens up a potential space for an experience of claiming physical space, an experience that has somehow become rarer, in more recent times.

The performance artist's fee of 300 Swiss Francs for this work, exchanged for 1-Swiss franc coins by the curator, is carefully placed on the floor in a line, one after the other, in the middle of a public bridge. The coins form a straight line on the ground and separate the left from the right side of the walk reminicing of covid safety restrictions for manipulation public movement behaviour. After running out of money and reaching point of return the remaining coins are then recollected one by one. Exposing the fee to public space means exposing it to people collecting it, it falling down inbetween the wooden slaths into the water down below.

Willing to share the fee money, the artists simoultaneously poses questions about common property, financial transparency and privileges. Who owns the public space? How much is privatised? How do we encounter each other in it regarding property?