coal aquarelle on paper / 4 x 50 x 70 cm / 2015

In my home village of Balzers, the wind, so called ‘Föhn’, plays an important role. In December 1985 it contributed to a large forest fire. For this painting technique, I collected coal dust, which still clings between the bark of the healthy trees. By beating the bark, I can extract a carbon pigment and mix it with water. The shapes are inspired by the map of the lands, which burned down. The aquarelles made with the coal pigment combine all four elements, fire, earth, air and water.

schwarzes Knistern
gelodert, gebrannt 
zwischen Rinden verbannt
verschwindend, windend 
zeigen russige Zeugen 
Herde von Erinnerungen
und vom Staub zum Strom 
zeichnen Böhen neue Stege
im nassen Zündgehege