sound installation & performance / 450 x 270cm / loop 3min / 30min / 2018

National Art Museum Liechtenstein, Vaduz, FL

In a black hole, after a certain curvature of space it is no longer possible for the light to withdraw gravity. This moment is called the event horizon, where everything before that is observable everything after is unobservable. In highly technological, postmodern societies reality is distinguished from the simulation of reality. Hyperreality is a state in which the real and fiction merge seamlessly. Today hyperreality though not only generates copy images, but also simulations of itself. The work Hype_reality intertwines the infinite narrative of the black hole with Baudrillards concept of hyperreality. In the walkable installation thrown back on one self, one can literally stand on event horizon. What do I expect from a particular room or event? Where is the boundary between the observable and the unobservable? Where are horizons of your own conceptual thinking? Where those of the system?