performance / 15 min / 2017

stereoskop_ Simulation, Zürich, CH

As a continuation of my work with algorithms and inscription of media I developed this performance series. Based on a movement and text vocabulary, the simulation of women in social media is being performed analogously in the room. As an ever-recurring algorithm, my performative body manifests the hyper reality of Instagram in space, becoming an image of itself. It simulates an empty memory image in the social media space and displays inscriptions with text and movement. During this performance of the algorithm, I repeatedly ask people to take a selfie with me and upload it to the Instagram account @botanicsbotanics. Thus, each additional performance of this series forms the digital staging and the audience becomes part of it. 

Hello world
I am
I do not own anything
I am your interface

A holy hollow hologram
I am your mother, daughter, sister,
wife, lover, pussy, friend and foe


Selfprojection and memory imaging

Inscribing a room where you can

Identify storage and gramming every
Part of my simulated system

Follow me into the grid
Of transmitting ducktapes
Where future parasites debug mistakes
To prevent programs from crashing

Fill me with content
Creator of the new world
Take me
As I seem