Ducktape / Silent Ducktape.

performance series / 10-60 min / 2016 & 2017

Stein Egerta, Schaan, FL

This performance is done on plastics with paint or on concrete with water. Ducktape shows the performance of a computer program and the inscription of the machine into the body. By programming an algorithm, I create a machine that randomly plays the audio commands. These commands were recorded with my voice. The vocabulary comes from code and dance language and also includes meta commentaries.

The inscription of the body by code aims to make the interface between human and machine visible. From the cybernetic perspective, the snake bites itself into the tail. The author coded the self-imposed algorithm and is at the same time the executing body. The paint brush is not to be understood as a pure reference to painting or the image, but rather as a prosthesis, which the body needs. The development of this work led me to Silent Ducktape, which is performed with water, instead of paint. In this way the focus shifts even more onto the body and its movements.




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