Digital Natives.

performance series / collab with wassili widmer / 2018-20

Art Museum Appenzell, CH

The succeeding work of Attempt 1&2  is called Digital Natives and interrogating an empathic approach to constructed language. Based on another field of the Turing tests, which is called the imitation game, we tried to reach a deeper understanding of our performative interpretation of the score, but also to create a sphere where the audience is becoming an active part. The set up is an installation which includes the original score on the opposite side of a Hantarex screen which displayed the empty room of Attempt 1&2. On the other two walls two flat screens are installed with the documentation of the performance Attempt 1&2. These two alternating videos were timed, so there was only one playing at the same time. We created an imitation game, where one of us imitated elements of the screen while the other person imitated members of the audience. Each of us did this for 30 minutes in a slow manner, the performative actions had a very sculptural connotation.