Bodies Of The Water Disco.

performance / collab with gemma jones / 140min / 2020

PPTH:// Lucerne, CH

Water disco is a continuous research that aims to explore the technological bodies of water inside us. By using metal tubes, viscose sequins and the body as a site, the two performers uncover relationships between liquidity, hardware and body. As moving sculptures they aim to dribble, explore and slow down as these materials leak into each body creating a liquid and tentacular environment. In a world tinged with a controlling algorithmic score depicted as an unknown virus they represent the messy and entangled possibilities in the liquidity of technology - where the audience is quietly led to a place where terms like nature/other/us become sticky and damp. During the performance quantified information travels through vessels and hardware is seduced soothing the tubes inside. Furthermore the two bodies use touch as a way of not only about gathering information, but connecting us to our environment, where webs of intimacies then lead to more bodies of water. Live streams are accessible through the QR-Code and the instagram application, where the movements will be continued in natural environment close to bodies of water.  


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