Attempt 1 & 2.

performance & installation / collab with wassili widmer / 2 x 60min / 2018

ZHdK diploma show, Zurich, CH

Interspaces are being negotiated, voice is displayed, bodies programmed. Forms of speech blend into each other, sometimes dissolve, repeat, reflect or store each other. The intuition gets tested, commands interpreted, the system commented. The objective and subjective reality come back in loops, echoes from hyperspace. In between, a negotiation about body as technology. A game of expectations and interpretations of the audience, a juxtaposition of 'knowing' and 'not knowing'. Who speaks when? Where is the relationship between human and machine? Where is the functioning and nonfunctioning of the system recognized? Who is being programmed?

Based on Turing tests this work is a poetic approach to interpreting the language of the tests with movement. The testing of intelligence morphes into the testing of empathy and the attempt to understand the other. Each of the 18 scores suggests a consequent translation of itself through the body and tries to direct the respective other performer. A previously recorded video of the other performer interpreting their own score is layered with the live performance and audience in the room. Led by the auditive commands out of a speaker one can also hear cybernetic commands from the side which are performed live by the other performer also seen on the screen. Not every command is understood. The layered sound and images lead the audience into a comparison of two bodies framed by two different sound sources and themselves. How do we start to understand what language is and what are the differences and simularities to suggests an empathy towards the other?