Alles Hat Ein Ende.

performance / 4min / 2018

Performance Open-Air, Stadtpark, St.Gallen, CH

Out of her black evening bag she draws a Swiss army knife and opens the blade. Then she takes out an unwrapped, raw 'St.Galler Bratwurst', lays it on a silver plate and starts cutting it into small pieces. She folds the blade and spreads the sausage with mustard. One wheel at a time, she now then drapes her neck into a pearl necklace, presents it and walks away.

With this act of turning a sausage, a traditional Swiss food, into jewellery she comments on the rewriting of identity and conversion of values. Referring to cultural heritage as a luxury in a rich country, questioning bourgeoise structures, with cutting up the sausage and eventually calling for the end of all patriarchal behaviour.