100 Physical Pieces.

performance series / collab with wassili widmer / 2017-20

Fundamental to the series is the relationship of our own bodies to each other and to the audience. Our own bodies are always set into a context of a simulated system. It is not only about the functionality within this context or system. The physical juxtaposition and interaction of our bodies show a coherence and relevance within the little universe created in that very performative moment. With simple, strong movement concepts and stories of life are getting integorrated, such as stereotypes, work, duality, antagonism, symbiosis, force, power, hierarchies. In search of a potential empathy towards each other there is also space for resitstance.

Elements such as weight, balance, strength, mechanics, movement, walking and space build the formal core. Forces and the resulting energies become tangible and perceptible through the performances and reach out to the audience. The bodies are different in their qualities and modes of being, but they come into contact in a way that does not accentuate individual superiority, but expresses the collective action or individual functionality. It is an attempt to make the field of tension of two opposite poles in the room visible and perceptible. All previous performances of this series:


#1 Zentrifuge / ACT Festival, Dampfzentrale Berne & ZHdK Zurich, CH
#2 Hebel / LEGS Festival, Turbine Giswil, CH
#3 Spielen / ACT Festival, Lehmhaus Basel, CH
#4 Umsatz / Fashion Revolution Day, Werdmühleplatz Zurich, CH
#5 Resonanz / Kabummruckedumm-Festival, Seebach Zurich, CH
#6 Photonen / Dings im Wald, Allmend Zurich, CH
#7 Kohäsion / Guck Mal Günther, Tommasini Lenzburg, CH
#8 Infinit / La Cave St. Jean-de-Fos, FR
#9 Seilzug / NoNation Gallery Chicago, US
#10 Höhenlinien / EXEN, Gallery Hollabolla Eschen, LI
#11 Momentum / Komplizen, Tart Gallery, Zurich, CH
#12 Seegang / Korn im Schacht, Kunstraum im Kornhaus, Rorschach, CH
#13 Eingabe / DeArrival, Halle Lattich, St. Gallen, CH

#14 Hei / Galleria Lapinlathi, Helsinki, FI
#15 Verlust / Fashion Revolution Day, Kraftwerk, Zurich, CH

#16 Fino al Fondo / Il Baffo della Gioconda, Rome, IT

#17 Hei Hei / Performance Reihe Neuoerlikon, Zurich, CH

#18 Attraktion / Morgan's Bell Street, Glasgow, UK